Tom Dixon & Ikea

In secret and for some time, Tom Dixon and IKEA have been collaborating on a new product: #DELAKTIG, an open-source platform that allows people to hack and build whatever piece of furniture they need— a couch, a bed, a chair. To reveal this unusual collaboration, Tom Dixon and IKEA decided to launch #DELAKTIG during Milan Design Week in the iconic, 800-seat cinema Teatro Manzoni. The brief was to create a graphic identity system for the space, which was dubbed Multiplex. The identity included motion graphics for the screen as well as content and programming for the week.

The collaboration between Tom Dixon and IKEA is an unusual one. IKEA is “for the many people.” Tom Dixon not so much. We took that insight and approach — mashing up two things that on paper shouldn’t go together and used it to create the graphic identity for Multiplex. We fed images and films from Tom Dixon and IKEA into various computers and apps, which spoke different languages, and programmed them to collaborate and agree on an image, which became a third beautiful thing. We took the hacked images and turned them into posters, flyers, collateral and motion graphics.

From an execution perspective, this was a new and very different journey. It may sound like we were lazy and just let the computers do the job – but that was obviously not the case. An insane amount of imagery was selected and fed into the programming (and re-programming) of software and apps. After this process, the final images would be “stirred” with a sequencer to create something that was worthwhile and its own identity.

During Salone Di Mobile, or Milan Design Week, Multiplex was a finalist in “Best Exhibition of 2017” and “A Top 10 Must-See” by Dezeen Magazine. In terms of cultural impact, Tom Dixon and IKEA and Multiplex was a topic of conversation during the week, and the graphic identity created for this unique collaboration recieved a tremendous response. One part Tom Dixon, one part IKEA, one entirely new thing.