The Escape

BMW Films

BMW Films “The Hire” was a groundbreaking online short film series created in 2001 starring Clive Owen. The eight films, featuring a who’s who of top directors and Oscar winning talent, were met with critical acclaim, won every top advertising award and generated over 100 million online views before the invention of YouTube.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the films, BMW commissioned the original creators – Bruce Bildsten, Brian DiLorenzo and David Carter – to make a new film.

Geisel Productions was formed as a bespoke strategic, creative and production company to create the film and surrounding content and to create breakthrough branded content for other brands going forward.

“The Escape” was a massive success, receiving numerous industry accolades and press, including Best Film by an Agency at the Brand Film Festival and a place on the Cannes Lions Film Shortlist. It also generated a huge amount of exposure for the launch of the BMW 5 Series sedan with almost 6 million views on YouTube and a takeover during The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.